Social media and family law – Just don’t do it!

Social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the like – can be a lot of fun and have become an accepted part of modern life.  Many of us use such forms of electronic communication to share the exciting, as well as the banal events in our...Read More

Humanitarian Visas

Australia operates a dedicated Humanitarian Visa Program, that offers resettlement for refugees and other overseas individuals who are in dire humanitarian need and also require protection. Despite opinions to the contrary Australia is one of the world’s most generous...Read More

Do you know when to update your Will?

Most people know that a valid Will determines how their assets are dealt with after they are gone. Wills generally provide for the appointment of a trusted executor/s and the leaving of gifts to chosen beneficiaries. They may also appoint guardians for minor children...Read More

Windfalls and family law property settlements

When parties understand and comply with the process for determining how property is divided after the breakdown of a relationship requiring genuine steps to be taken towards dispute resolution this facilitates most matters being settled without Court proceedings. The...Read More