Do you know when to update your Will?

Most people know that a valid Will determines how their assets are dealt with after they are gone. Wills generally provide for the appointment of a trusted executor/s and the leaving of gifts to chosen beneficiaries. They may also appoint guardians for minor children...Read More

The process of obtaining Probate

Probate is a grant made by the Supreme Court of New South Wales that ‘proves’ the Will of a deceased person and vests title to the estate’s assets in the named executor/s. This is the official process that enables the executor to legally deal with the deceased’s...Read More

Making your Will after remarrying or repartnering

In the children’s story of the’ Magic Pudding’ by the Australian author Norman Lindsay, no matter how many slices were eaten, the pudding renewed itself. In life that is less likely to occur. But it is foreseeable that at different stages of life a person’s assets...Read More

Would you agree to being appointed as a Trustee?

Have you ever considered if it is likely that you may be asked to become a trustee and if so, what does that mean for you personally? Trusts have become somewhat commonplace in the 21st century and are not just limited to very complex financial or business...Read More

Why should you make a Will?

A will is an important document because a testator is giving a written direction to appoint a person or persons to make arrangements for their estate after they die. It sets out the testators wishes about who should be in charge and who should benefit. If the testator...Read More

Enduring Powers of Attorney explained

A lot of people have heard of a Power of Attorney however most do not fully appreciate the extent of its power, the benefits it delivers or the types of Powers of Attorney that exist. A Power of Attorney is a useful legal document which can authorize another person to...Read More