In September 2021, the Department of Home Affairs (the Department) introduced 100 per cent online lodgement for Visitor visas (subclass 600) with the implementation undertaken in two phases. Under the first phase, 100 per cent online lodgement was introduced for all offshore applicants, which came into effect on 30 September 2021.

What is changing?

On 5 March 2022 the Department implemented the final phase (phase 2). Following this change, all applicants for a Visitor visa (subclass 600) in Australia must lodge their application online via ImmiAccount. Paper applications will no longer be accepted as valid applications.

Why the change?

The Department is progressively transitioning towards delivering information and services via digital platforms that are simple, clear and fast. Many other visa products are available only through online lodgement, including Student, Skilled, Partner, and a range of other temporary visas. Most applicants for a Visitor visa can, and do, already apply for their visa online.

How are clients being advised of the change?

Clients will be advised of this change via updated information on the Department’s website

What are the benefits to applying online?

There are many benefits, including: –

  • Apply online at any convenient time
  • Lodge online applications yourself, or get help from a family member, friend, agent or other authorised person
  • Attach documents online
  • Check your application status, correct mistakes or update your details online
  • You can use your migration agents immiAccount

How can I apply for a Visitor visa online?

ImmiAccount is an online service that provides a simple, efficient and convenient way to apply for a visa. You can create an ImmiAccount, select the visa type you want to apply for, attach documents, submit family applications together and pay the application fee online at You can also get help from a family member, friend or migration agent to submit your application if required.

Where can I get additional information?

Information and guidance about applying online and using ImmiAccount is available on the Department’s website at:

Will the online application form be available in languages other than English?

No. The application form will only be available in English through the Department’s online service ImmiAccount. This is in line with other visa application forms available online. Applicants are expected to provide translations of any information that is not in English. If you do not speak English, you can get help from a family member, friend or migration agent to submit your application.

What if I have trouble lodging my application online?

You can find technical help to troubleshoot any issues in ImmiAccount at If the technical help guide does not resolve your issue, you can submit an ImmiAccount Technical Support Form at[1]technical-support-form.

Does it cost more to apply online?

No, it does not cost more to lodge your application online. The Visa Application Charge (VAC) payment can be made electronically through the ‘My Payments’ section of ImmiAccount. If you get help from an agent to apply online, you will be charged an extra fee for their services in addition to the VAC. However this should ensure all the appropriate and correct procedures are followed and give you peace of mind.

If you or someone you know wants more information or needs help or advice, please contact us on 02 9699 9877 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, contact our migration agent directly by emailing [email protected].